19 October 2008


So, of course, there has been tons of controversy surrounding this proposition. If it passes, people who are gay cannot get married.

Honestly, what is the big deal? All the religious whackos are like "GOD HATES GAYS. The Bible says it's WROOOOOOOONG."

Well, God also says leave judgment up to Him. God also says Christians should love everyone, and not condemn those who go against His word. (Bear in mind, I am voting NO on 8.)

God also says pre-marital sex is wrong, yet "Christians" still do it. The Bible says a lot of things that people do anyway. Why? Because people pick and choose what they want to believe and follow.

Another thing I keep hearing is: "Marriage won't be sacred anymore."

What the fuck. Marriage isn't sacred AT ALL. What with divorce and adultery extremely rampant, why prevent a couple who will stay together longer than a heterosexual couple from getting married?

There are also worries that OMG THEY WILL TEACH MY KIDS IT'S OKAY. (FYI: It is.)

You teach your kids what you want them to think. But someday, they'll come to their own conclusions.

People are retarded.
Screw you, bigots.

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