30 August 2008


Long story short: I get to see my boo on Thursday afternoon rather than Friday!

One word: YAY!

29 August 2008

new bedding!

I got new bedding the other day, and it, I must admit, is the most amazing bedding in the entire world. It's so comfy! And pretty! And comfy! I love it!

This blog has no point, other than to show off my pretty new bedding!

P.S. One week :)

22 August 2008


You know those antiperspirants that claim that their product "stays on skin, not on clothes"?

They are a bunch of fucking liars. They belong in the same section of hell with bills, people who talk in the theatre, and bad e-bay sellers.

Example, to the left:
I have used many different types of Dove. The product works - I don't sweat, for the most part. But I always get that tell-tale white streak on my shirts. It says right on the tube stays on skin, not on clothes. So why, pray tell, is there ALWAYS that streak on my clothes!?

I have tried other types too: Secret, Degree. I even used man antiperspirant for awhile (Axe, yay!) It worked, but I smelled like a man. (Total downside, man smell is for men, end of story.)

I am so, so, so very annoyed by this deodorant debacle. Should I sue Dove for false advertising? Or is there something wrong with my skin?

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19 August 2008

It's only the second day...

and I am already discouraged by this semester.
I feel as though it is going to be the longest semester of my life.

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17 August 2008


I finally watched "P.S. I Love You". I didn't cry, as I thought I would (or as I would have hoped).

Now I have no idea what else to say. I thought I'd have some thoughtful blog to post regarding this movie.

I don't.

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16 August 2008

It's that time again....

*By the way, the above image is NOT intended to be a blatant advertisement for Office Max. I rarely shop at Office Max. I go to Target. So should you.*

School starts up again on Monday, so what does that mean? School supplies. I love buying school supplies. In fact, I think buying school supplies is my favorite thing in the world. New pens, new pencils, new highlighters, new notebooks, the works.

I got new pens the other day (my favorite kind), two packs for $1. Black & blue. Upon opening the black package and using one, though, I realized I should have gotten two packs of blue, as the black don't write as well. Oh well. They are still amazing pens, and I will never use another type ever! (That might be a lie, but I might as well show some loyalty for the time being).

Yesterday, I bought dividers, notebooks, and pencils. So I'm all done supply shopping. I already have a binder and lined paper, plenty of highlighters. It's sort of depressing, though. Supply shopping as a kid was much more fun, as you were on a quest for the best pencils, the best crayons, and the coolest folder you could find. My goal yesterday was to find a Nick Jonas folder, which, I mean, COME ON, should by all means exist considering the Jonas Brothers are HUGE. No dice. Only Joe Jonas. BARF. I am probably forgetting something important...but nothing is coming to mind.

And so, three of my new pens, three of my new pencils, a highlighter, my binder filled with a notebook and binder paper, all sit regally (*snorts*) in my new argyle patterned backpack (yep. Argyle.), prepared for the sojourn to school. Even two textbooks accompany them (so they won't be lonely, duh!)

Ahh, school supplies. How I love thee.

I just remembered what I forgot to buy.

A planner.
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14 August 2008

It's 11:23am on August 14, 2008 and I have blogged twice today...

Still babysitting, still bored, but I made this weird realization as I was on myspace today.

Why the hell would I press 'add' if I didn't want to add it? I don't understand. That could save them quite a bit of coding and trouble, couldn't it, if they didn't have that stupid question.

It's like "You're hungry - are you SURE you want to eat?"

YES. I WANT TO ADD THE DAMN SONG. Hence why I took the time to click ADD. My God. Myspace is frustrating me. You know there is something wrong with your life when myspace frustrates you.

Writing about nothing is a lot more fun than writing about something.

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They say this kid has got soul...

It is 9:26am, and I have been up since 8:30. Lately, I've been so exhausted, that I will fall asleep at 9 or 10 pm, and wake up at 5am and think, "Hmm, I'm not tired, I'm refreshed...should I get up and make a productive day of it?"

I mull it over under the blankets and in the comfort of my bed, and finally decide, "Nope. I'll wake up when my alarm goes off at [insert time, usually around 8 or 9am]."

It's actually a great feeling being up early in the morning; I feel less like a fat sack of crap and more like a human. Granted, I don't usually accomplish much, but as I will occasionally be working in the morning during the school year, this feeling that I will be able to fall asleep early and wake up early is nice.

Currently, I am sitting in the kitchen of the house I'm babysitting at. The boys are adorable, and generally well-behaved. Their dad left me money for lunch at McDonalds, so around Noon we're going to drive over there and I'm going to let them play for a while. It will tire them out, we will get fed, and I will be able to read while they frolick :) Sounds like a good plan to Aimee, yessir it does.

I have work at 6:45 to close tonight, but I am looking forward to it for some bizarre reason. Who knows. I am happy today. I've been happy a lot of the days. It's good.

On a side note, the boys' parents have these AWESOME garlic bread rolls from Mother Mary's, and I am sad to say I've eaten four. However, J, the dad (I should probably give him another initial, as his wife's name starts with a J as well...we'll call Dad 'D' and Mom 'M'. Makes sense, ja?) told me I could eat whatever I want because otherwise he'll eat it and he doesn't have as fast of a metabolism as I do! Muhahaha. Therefore, Open mouth, insert garlic roll. YESSSSSS.

I am going to make more of an effort to blog about daily things, especially things that are funny, and I'm going to start inserting a Quote of the Day.

To start, I liked Pineapple Express. I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but the more I think about it, the more I love it.

Seriously, these two men are my new heroes:
Particularly the one on the right, Saul Silver (aka: James Franco). Just sayin'.

Anyway, time for quote of the day. I am going to start it off with a personal favorite of mine, which many of you (all two of you, anyway) have probably read before.

Civilization can be reduced to the following: 'I need a hug. Go away.' Unable to solve this conundrum, and having nothing better to do in the meantime, we build cathedrals and drink heavily. -Tom Price.

The End. Fin. Adios. Au Revoir. See ya. Peace.

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11 August 2008


Summer is essentially over. I didn't do a lot of things I said I'd do, including cutting my fingernail biting habit, painting my bathroom (We didn't finish), save up lots of money and helping my mom organize the house. I did, however, clean my room. Wow. One thing off my list. I didn't get into an exercise regime. I didn't go on any trips. I didn't do a lot of things.

In a week, I will be back at school. Back to a schedule of school + work = my life. Back to "Ahh, fuck, I have a test tomorrow and I have work until midnight." Back to groaning whenever I hear my alarm go off for class. Back to homework. Back to studying.

Not much has changed over this summer. I spent a good majority of it writing letters, and sleeping, and cringing when I saw that it was 2 in the afternoon. I spent a lot of nights up until 5am.

This semester will be different. I said that last semester, but I have this feeling that Fall 2008 will be different. I'm motivated. I feel ready, for the first time in my life, to get finished. I want to be done with school. I want to move on to bigger and better things.

I am finding myself more and more frustrated with my job, and wanting to work in the morning more. The interactions are different in the morning; it's busy; there is always something to do. The nights there, while fun, have turned into cleaning cleaning cleaning because it's dead, and giving waters all night.

I've been a lot happier, lately, but at the same time, not so happy. Before I wanted to sleep, now I don't because I don't like the dreams I have. They are hard to explain. They make me feel all blah inside, but when I explain them, they seem so stupid and trivial.

I am starting to get the feeling that people who are "happy" all the time are just faking it. But, I look at those people and am jealous.

This was a pointless blog, full of things I just needed to ramble on about.
It's posted here because I couldn't seem to write it down in my journal.
So, here I turn.

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