14 August 2008

It's 11:23am on August 14, 2008 and I have blogged twice today...

Still babysitting, still bored, but I made this weird realization as I was on myspace today.

Why the hell would I press 'add' if I didn't want to add it? I don't understand. That could save them quite a bit of coding and trouble, couldn't it, if they didn't have that stupid question.

It's like "You're hungry - are you SURE you want to eat?"

YES. I WANT TO ADD THE DAMN SONG. Hence why I took the time to click ADD. My God. Myspace is frustrating me. You know there is something wrong with your life when myspace frustrates you.

Writing about nothing is a lot more fun than writing about something.

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1 comment:

Tim said...

Have you ever tried to read that white writing on a mostly white background.

I think I'm headed back to LJ. Sorry.