16 August 2008

It's that time again....

*By the way, the above image is NOT intended to be a blatant advertisement for Office Max. I rarely shop at Office Max. I go to Target. So should you.*

School starts up again on Monday, so what does that mean? School supplies. I love buying school supplies. In fact, I think buying school supplies is my favorite thing in the world. New pens, new pencils, new highlighters, new notebooks, the works.

I got new pens the other day (my favorite kind), two packs for $1. Black & blue. Upon opening the black package and using one, though, I realized I should have gotten two packs of blue, as the black don't write as well. Oh well. They are still amazing pens, and I will never use another type ever! (That might be a lie, but I might as well show some loyalty for the time being).

Yesterday, I bought dividers, notebooks, and pencils. So I'm all done supply shopping. I already have a binder and lined paper, plenty of highlighters. It's sort of depressing, though. Supply shopping as a kid was much more fun, as you were on a quest for the best pencils, the best crayons, and the coolest folder you could find. My goal yesterday was to find a Nick Jonas folder, which, I mean, COME ON, should by all means exist considering the Jonas Brothers are HUGE. No dice. Only Joe Jonas. BARF. I am probably forgetting something important...but nothing is coming to mind.

And so, three of my new pens, three of my new pencils, a highlighter, my binder filled with a notebook and binder paper, all sit regally (*snorts*) in my new argyle patterned backpack (yep. Argyle.), prepared for the sojourn to school. Even two textbooks accompany them (so they won't be lonely, duh!)

Ahh, school supplies. How I love thee.

I just remembered what I forgot to buy.

A planner.
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TDawgYo said...

I have -the- raddest Batman binder in the history of the universe. I loves it.