30 September 2008

ufjhsruihgrif :)

this song. enough said. until another bloggy day.

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25 September 2008

I sometimes wish

that I could talk to my mother about things that daughters should be able to talk to their mothers about. I wish I could ask for her advice. I wish I could talk to her about what I'm feeling, without her saying "You're too young to feel such things."

The more and more I feel like I have to hide my feelings and my opinions, the more I'm determined not to be like that when I have daughters. I feel trapped, and somewhat lost. She's my mother! We should be able to talk seriously about choices I've made, things I'm thinking about and things I am doing. She's gone through similar things, I should be able to ask her questions and get honest answers.

But I know I can't.
It really is a bad feeling.

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21 September 2008


I am not quite sure how I feel right now.
I'll get back to you.

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16 September 2008


Time passes too fast. No matter how much you take advantage of it, and cherish it, it still slips through your fingers like sand in a timer.

14 September 2008


It's been an exhaustingly amazing week.
Not gonna lie.

Too bad it's basically over :(

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05 September 2008


Enough said.

02 September 2008


yeee mudddddddda fuckas im blogging
heres my hai
what it
aimee hates leggings as pants
and i take offense to that
peace in the middle east
are u jewish
cuz u ISRAELI hot??
im not drunk
aimee will write an amazing essay

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