30 July 2008


  • Write a novel.
  • Travel the world.
  • Stay up for 24 hours, doing things non-stop.
  • Watch a sunrise with someone important to me.
  • Get a Bachelor's degree.
  • Fall in love.
  • Have a family.
  • Finally have a good relationship with my family.
  • Be happy.

Things I want to do before I die.
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27 July 2008

y so srs, blog?

so here I am, writing a serious blog.
Recently (and by recently, I mean, like, yesterday) I had a conversations with some shall remain unnamed friends (though if they read it, they'd know who they are, which is sort of the point) and we were discussing thinking about the past and whatnot, amongst other things.

I made a realization several months ago that dwelling on the past (specifically speaking: about doing shitty in high school and being stuck in Fresno for now) doesn't do me any good. I recognize my fuck ups, and am learning from them, but I'm not letting them affect the way I live.

It was said (I'm not quite sure of the wording, so I'll paraphrase) sometime in the discussion that if we all had gone to college elsewhere, we'd have different friends and different experiences, and it wouldn't really matter.

Wouldn't really matter.

Maybe I took it personally, but I think it would matter. I think they'd matter. And everyone that I know and have met while being ~trapped~ here would matter. I don't think they're replaceable, but am I? Maybe so.

Maybe we're all just growing up, and some of us just aren't maturing accordingly.

On another subject:
I was also asked "Why are you doing THIS if you don't want THIS as a result?

I never said I didn't want it.
I just don't believe it's now.

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24 July 2008


want to curl up into a tiny little ball.


I wish I knew :(

16 July 2008


I was thinking back to graduation, in 2006, and I remember being yelled at for taking off my shoes, because they kept sinking into the grass.

But, I also remember standing in the long line, and Mr. Bryan Franks coming up to me and hugging me, thanking me for the letter I wrote him.

My English teacher senior year, Victory Caldwell/Pope gave us the option on the last day of class to write "thank you" letters of sorts to teachers we liked/appreciated. I wrote one to Mme Babcock, Mr. Demanby and Mr. Franks.

In Mr. Franks' letter, I thanked him for having taught a really good Creative writing class the year before. That class got me "back into" writing, of sorts, and motivated me further to want to write my novel. I told him I appreciated him so much for that, and I will always think fondly of him and his class, amongst other similar things.

"Thank you so much for your letter, Aimee. You are a great girl, and a talented writer. I am going to keep that letter forever."

Mr. Franks is going to be one of the first few to get a free signed copy of my book, whenever I get around to writing it.

Perhaps even dedicated to him.
After all...
He motivated me :)

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I really want to see a ghost before I die, or at least have something unexplained happen. I think it would be exciting. I am fascinated by murders and serial killers, but I scared to death of being murdered. I want to do exciting things like ghost hunts, and visit haunted houses, but I'm a chicken. if things pop out, I scream. I like weird things, unsolved mysteries. They're very interesting to me.

But I'm a wuss.

in other news.
I really want to watch "The Number 23".

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15 July 2008

What say you

to packing up and moving across the country in like, five years.

Let's do it.
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10 July 2008



08 July 2008

Watch me take the lead.

this post of one of those posts in which you opened the blog, intending to write something meaningful and such, but you can't.
So you spout a bunch of bullshit and press publish.

That's what I'm doing right now.

P.S. All we do is make hats from bags.
Tamar Der Kevorkian rocks.

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03 July 2008



my stomach is killing me.
200 situps is excessive, i think.
My arms are super sore, too.
This better payoff, or I'ma kick DAS BOOTY.

I am wondering why some people are so retarded.
I sweaaaaaaaaaaar. Singing and whistling and just being generally idiotic in a workplace?
That shit don't fly.
I'll hulk smash you if you don't watch it.

in other news, i ran out of hangers, and need to go buy some more.
Hangers are the absolute BEST thing I can think of spending my money on.


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01 July 2008


Today I went to work, exercised, and am cleaning my room. I am also 100% determined to grow my nails out, so as of Saturday, biting my fingernails and ripping my toenails won't be happening :)
I feel really good, and really happy today, despite the fact that I'm broke again. But I'm still smiling. I feel like I have no reason NOT to smile.

Also, I'm gonna be sappy:
I miss this cutie boy a lot.

The End =)

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