22 August 2008


You know those antiperspirants that claim that their product "stays on skin, not on clothes"?

They are a bunch of fucking liars. They belong in the same section of hell with bills, people who talk in the theatre, and bad e-bay sellers.

Example, to the left:
I have used many different types of Dove. The product works - I don't sweat, for the most part. But I always get that tell-tale white streak on my shirts. It says right on the tube stays on skin, not on clothes. So why, pray tell, is there ALWAYS that streak on my clothes!?

I have tried other types too: Secret, Degree. I even used man antiperspirant for awhile (Axe, yay!) It worked, but I smelled like a man. (Total downside, man smell is for men, end of story.)

I am so, so, so very annoyed by this deodorant debacle. Should I sue Dove for false advertising? Or is there something wrong with my skin?

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Bryan said...

you could switch to deodorants which are generally clear solids as opposed to antiperspirants which are white solids.

plus, antiperspirants may have neurotoxins in them; check for aluminum products in the ingredients.