27 October 2008

Encounters With A Creeper

Okay, first of all, I hate creepers. And by creepers, I mean guys (Mainly disgusting men, aged 30 and up) who think it's okay to leer at girls.

I've encountered A LOT of creepers in my day, but NEVER BEFORE has it all been in such a short period of time. In the last two weeks, I have had three encounters with various creepy people.

Exhibit one:
Driving with Max going to pick up Bianca, we are in the wrong neighborhood. We're driving up the street, and there is an older man (probably 40 or so) shirtless, watering his lawn. I look over at him, and he smiles this pedo smile and like, flexes. Ew. No. Disgusting. And then he waves. FUCK NO.

Exhibit two: At an unnamed party (to protect the innocent of course), there is a man there. I shall call him James (this may or may not be his real name...). He's creepy. I mention something about alcohol and my tendency to do slightly dumb things and take advantage of people (in a joking manner) and he says, "WOOOO LET'S GET HER SOME MORE ALCOHOL."

Then, everytime I enter the house, he whistles. Keep in mind I'm dressed like trailer trash, so my shorts are short, etc. Disgusting.

Other shit happened but he skeeved me out so much I don't even want to fucking talk about it.

Exhibit three: Tonight in the Denny's parking lot, guy gets into big truck, and keeps staring at Max and I, smiling. CREEPY. HE JUST KEEPS SMILING. Even as he drives away! And is looking in his mirrors.



Stop being disgusting just because you haven't been laid since the stone age (or ever at all).


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