29 April 2008


marks the 50th post in this blog.
Sort of a mini-milestone in blogging history. Other than sharing this tidbit, I don't have much to say. I am going through a weird patch of confusion. I can't seem to separate real feelings from the fake. My moods vary.

I am beginning to feel more empowered and confident in certain aspects of life. Also, in others, I feel as though people don't seem to care as much as I do. And that's painful. I don't know why certain people rush to the aid of some at the drop of a hat, but for me? No. Not even a phone call. Just a "you'll be okay" via instant message.

They figure if I want to talk, I will come to them.

But sometimes you need that push.
You need someone to be like, "Let's talk about this."
You just need....someone.
Someone who will always be there.

You're not.
I am.
And I think I should stop.

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